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Every builder, developer, or related business needs to be united with an association that looks out for it members' interests.

The basics of a healthy construction industry are good communication between elected and appointed government officials and industry representatives.

The building industry is highly regulated and requires a single voice in representing issues that affect your ability to conduct business such as excessive fees, no-growth initiatives, defining infrastructure responsibilities or seeking to bring cost-effectiveness into focus on building standards. Every builder or related business needs a voice to represent them in city halls, board of supervisor chambers, state legislatures, and congress.

Through strength in numbers we can have sufficient influence with local, state, and national legislative and governmental agencies to make an impact.

BIA Members

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Along with BIA's representation of the industry's legislative interests on all levels, joining BIA will also give you a significant number of personal and professional opportunities.

  • Group insurance programs that could save enough to make up a large portion of your membership dues.

  • Access to free legal advice from NAHB's attorneys on all current issues concerning the industry.

  • Timely information on industry news not available anywhere else.

  • Company name in the Membership Roster, identifying you as a company who cares enough to support your industry.


The annual dues are $500.00 for the first year plus applicable volume assessments (see membership application for details).  Membership is on an annual basis and encompasses twelve months from time of membership start and the dues for the subsequent years is $1,000.00.

The BIAFM membership application is available for download. Please follow the instructions below for downloading and submitting your application.

Click the Builder Membership Application to download to join as a Builder/Developer member.


Or click the Subcontractor/Associate Membership Application to download to join as a Subcontractor or Associate member. Print and complete the application. Mail the application, along with payment (check payable to BIAFM), to the address below.

BIA-Fresno/Madera Counties

420 Bullard Ave., Ste. 105
Clovis CA 93612
Telephone - 559/226-5900
Fax - 559/324-8237

Services: About Us
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